There are events we can all face that have the potential to wreck lives and families. It’s a difficult issue to think about, but imagine the impact on you and your family should the main earner in your household die or become seriously ill. It may not happen to you – we hope it doesn’t – but it might.

While there is no insurance that can prevent these things from happening, you can protect youself and your family financially by making money available, should something unexpected happen.

This money can be the difference between keeping and losing your home, and maintaining your family’s lifestyle.


We now live in a time where we are living longer, and are retired for longer meaning we need to make our savings last longer. We also now have more freedom as to how we access our pensions, but with this additional freedom comes additional risks.

All of this means planning for your retirement is becoming increasingly important and can be complicated. Seeking professional advice can help you plan for a better future.

Savings & Investments

Simply put, investing is the process of putting aside money which we don’t need to spend now, so that we have more to spend in the future. What we all aim for is achieving a good return on that money. 

Seeking professional advice can help you to achieve your financial goals by investing appropriately within your given attitude to risk.

Inheritance Tax Planning

Inheritance tax is charged on any estate you leave after death above certain limits. This can see substantial amounts lost to your beneficiaries.

Careful planning can help to reduce the amount of tax paid and see more of your money left to those you care about.

Inheritance Tax planning is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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